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Precision machining for medical implants and devices

can you buy antabuse over the counter in uk ProtoFab is your full-service provider for precision machining of medical implants and device components. We offer a full range of in-house manufacturing processes for complex geometries and critical tolerances. With maximized efficiencies and minimized costs in mind, we are your partner every step of the way, as your design progresses from prototype through clinical trials to commercial production.  

At the heart of our project management strategy are highly-qualified technicians who work closely with you through each phase of engineering, testing and operations. Your team will benefit from our experience with the latest design and manufacturing technologies, as well as our dedicated clean room for medical parts assembly and inspection.


In addition to our precision CNC machining capabilities for the medical industry, we also provide proprietary finishing services, such as microscopic deburring, which meet your stringent surface specifications for medical implants to prevent failure and fatigue. We use Class VI approved lubricants (bio-compatible), or we can machine your parts without lubricants, depending on the application. Our dedicated team will assist you with any FDA/ISO mechanical and bio-compatibility testing and evaluations.


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